Welcome to The Ark Project

Welcome to the Ark Project

China is a teeming nation of 1.3 billion people.  It is the largest nation on the face of the earth.  Yet only 10% of China claims to be Christian, making it (number-wise) one of the largest least evangelized populations in the world.  It has a huge need for trained pastoral leadership.  There is only one ordained pastor for every 7,000 believers.

The Ark Project is a partnership of individuals and churches who have joined Paul Liu in these  mammoth tasks: 

  • Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of China.
  • Helping believers in the churches of China to become mature disciples of Jesus.
  • Helping develop Christian leaders for the churches of China.
  • Connecting individuals and groups in the USA to needs and projects in China.

Paul Liu knows the language.  He knows the people and the culture.  He knows the leadership of the seminaries and churches.  Paul has a relationship to the key leaders of the Christian movement in China.

Paul's vision is not just to impact one congregation.  His vision is to impact multiple generations of Christian leaders and congregations.  Paul is on the ground in China at least ten months out of the year.  The Ark Project Board is here in the USA as a support team for all that he is doing.  In these first years of the Ark Project Paul has been extremely effective in his evangelist preaching, in his training of pastors through his seminary teaching, and in mentoring and encouraging individual pastors in their respective churches.  We invite you to join the Ark Project team.

Noah and the ark are a perfect metaphor for what the Ark Project is about.  God told Noah to build a boat and gave specific details.  Genesis 6:22 says that “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” (NIV) Paul has received a call from the Lord to minister to China.  He is attempting to do everything as God leads.  He is inviting believers all over the world to join him in this mandate to bring people to Christ, lead them to maturity in Christ, and train leaders of the church for the future. 

The rain is coming.  We have seen the clouds and heard the thunder, Now let us, with Paul Liu, go find the lost sheep and bring them through Christ to the Ark!


Our Mission

Partner with Americans and Chinese nationals to make disciples through leadership training, gospel preaching and Bible teaching.


  • Partner with mission-minded believers and local Chinese churches to start home Bible study groups to reach both college students and the unreached people groups in China.
  • Partner with American pastors and seminaries to provide two years of seminary training to equip about 500 Chinese church leaders a year in preaching and pastoral leadership.