Don Blackley - Director of the Board

Why I Support the Ark Project

I became aware of the Ark Project as Paul Liu began his ministry to China in January 2002. Paul was to be our guide, translator and emcee for our concerts in a mission to China by the Singing Men of North Texas in April 2002. I'm privileged to direct that wonderful group of ministers of music. By the time we arrived, in three months, Paul had won and baptized hundreds of new believers into the churches of China. That got my attention! And his work with our mission trip was exactly what we needed.

A couple of years later, Paul asked me to serve on the Ark Project board of directors. Because of the fine work he was doing I readily agreed. Now, because of our awareness of all the good preaching, teaching and discipling that Paul has accomplished, I believe even more than I did then that God has His hand on Paul and Sophie, and they are worthy of our best prayer and financial support.

My wife, Gerrie, and I take very seriously our financial support of missions. We have given to missions our entire lives. I have been on mission in lots of places throughout the world. We have been close friends with lots of missionaries through the years. I have led my choirs throughout my ministry to invest themselves in missions for the gospel's sake. I believe we have a mandate from God to tell the whole world they can find hope and life in Jesus Christ. Gerrie and I are convinced that Paul Liu is worthy of our best support. Will you join me in this key ministry to the largest national population in the world?


Don serves as part time worship leader for Classic Worship at Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Texas. Since 1991 he has served as the director of the Singing Men of North Central Texas. This group of Texas Baptist ministers of music sings eight concerts annually in the state, and every two/three years is involved in international ministry. Their mission trips to Ukraine teamed them in evangelistic concerts with international evangelist, Michael Gott. The choir’s five trips to Ukraine teamed them with evangelist, Michael Gott. Over 30,000 positive written responses to Christ have been made in Ukraine through Singing Men trips since 2010.

Blackley has led international missions in over fifteen countries. In 2002 Paul Liu was the emcee/interpreter for the Singing Men of Texas China mission. From 1966 until 2004 Blackley was in full time music ministry in churches of Texas and Oklahoma. Don presently serves as worship leader for Classic Worship at Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, TX

He and his wife, Gerrie, reside in Richardson, Texas.


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